Sumin Oh


Sumin Oh is an Analyst at Panoramic Ventures

Previously, Sumin was a Product Manager at Lightscale, and a Product Designer at Umbra, designing houseware for brands such as Amazon Basics, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, JCPenney, and other big box stores.

Sumin’s early startup experience was at Flare where she worked alongside other students across Ontario to build a social networking app focused on real-time local events.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, and her Master’s Degree from an interdisciplinary program in technology management, economics, and policy at the College of Engineering at Seoul National University.

Outside of work, Sumin enjoys playing the piano and hopes to get back into playing the clarinet. At the moment, she is enjoying her time learning how to play the organ.

Sumin Oh