Kat Martinez

Product Owner

Kat is a Product Owner at Panoramic Ventures.

Prior to joining Panoramic Ventures, Kat worked in the Insurance industry at Brightstar, for five years in Customer Support, Logistics Operations and Product Management. Kat has significant experience working B2B SaaS companies in Product Management; including CINC Systems, a cloud-based software for Property Management companies,  Agility Recovery, Emergency Notification and Incident Management software, and NetDocuments, a cloud storage document management software tailored to the Law Industry.

Kat interacts with all aspects of the business to support the engineering team and product management team, as well as working closely with UI/UX to create, review and iterate designs to ensure the details of the functionality/flow are captured.

Kat is bilingual in English and Spanish, immigrating to the U.S. from El Salvador at a young age. When she’s not taking a project from an idea to iteration and delivery, Kat enjoys weightlifting, traveling, and recently started golf lessons. A Clemson fan by association (her fianc√© is an alum), and together they enjoy spending time at the beach and going on family vacations.

Kat Martinez