Julia Kahky

Senior Analyst

Julia is Senior Analyst on the Investment Team at Panoramic Ventures.

Julia started her career in General Motors’s finance leadership development program. At GM she helped grow the OnStar division from $400M to $1B; reorganize and streamline the operations at GM’s Spring Hill, Tennessee plant; and launch a SaaS platform utilizing vehicle data to improve road safety and efficiency.

Julia has a B.S. in Economics from Duke University and a minor in Psychology. She worked for the Football and Lacrosse teams and has never missed a Duke men’s basketball game to this day!

Julia loves traveling (37+ countries, 35+ U.S. states) and reading classic literature. She has a background in theater and was featured on Off-Broadway. She is a Lean In Circle moderator, helping women advance their careers, and works with undergraduates in constructing and defending their theses.