Acivilate is in the business of Transforming Second Chances. We work with federal, state and local government agencies and their community partners to coordinate services and support for vulnerable people to improve outcomes and reduce expenses. The company is broadening its purview from the criminal justice space to include health and human services. Acivilate’s Pokket platform empowers a individual to take responsibility for their own care, through helping them manage a personal life plan, providing secure communications between themselves and their care team (including probation or parole officer), and ensuring they don’t lose their documents. Consequently, the social workers and other professionals see greater adherence to prescribed activities and are better able to coordinate care to accelerate outcomes and reduce labor and wasted resources.

Pokket is the subject of a National Institute for Justice randomized controlled trial with RTI Incorporation with North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and it is deployed in seven states, and at a federal, state and local level.

Atlanta, GA
President and CEO

“We appreciate Panoramic's willingness to join us in working to deliver equitable opportunities and outcomes for the most vulnerable of people while reducing the costs to government agencies and society. Panoramic has the patience and insight to see the payout at the end of the tunnel. ”

– Louise Wasilewski, President & CEO

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