On This Week in Startups, Managing Partner Paul Judge joins angel investor, entrepreneur, and podcast host Jason Calacanis.

Topics include Paul helping lead SoftBank’s $100M Opportunity Fund, future of fundraising, importance of “building your Olympic Team” and more.

This episode is available on This Week in Startups and accessible on these platforms to tune in; Apple, Spotify, Overcast

“Minority founders and minority influencers have a competitive advantage and so if investors are overlooking that, they’re really overlooking the people that are going to drive the next generation of technology growth.”

Highlights from this episode:

1:05: Jason intros Paul Judge and they discuss the Miami startup scene and the impact of investing over Zoom

13:08: How Paul invests, rebranding to start Panoramic Ventures and joining the investment board at SoftBank’s $100M Opportunity Fund

17:26: Are dedicated opportunity funds the right approach to maximize funding of underrepresented founders? Where underrepresented founders have an edge

26:11: Jay-Z’s insane Q1, why George Floyd resonated more than prior police brutality videos

36:47: Downstream investors looking for underrepresented founders

41:33: Celebrity/influencer funds impact on the future fundraising landscape

43:53: What makes it easy for Paul to invest: “What’s your Olympic Team?”, anti-portfolio

53:07: Paul’s greatest hits as an investor, paradox of borrowing money as a rich person

1:00:20: Educating more people on entrepreneurship via reality TV, Jason’s Clubhouse crusade, future of SF

This episode originally aired on This Week in Startups.