Candidates can now search, view, and apply to jobs within the Panoramic portfolio of companies directly on our job board.

Together with over 35 companies, we are excited share that we have launched a seamless solution for candidates to explore open opportunities and apply directly to the position via the company’s hiring page.

The job board is updated in real time from all hiring sources, including LinkedIn, ensuring candidates have the first look at all openings across the Panoramic portfolio.

Candidates can easily, yet granularly search to find roles and companies that meet specific criteria, such as:

Panoramic Jobs

Interested in learning more about who’s hiring and how to get your foot in the door?

Explore the following openings:

  • PlayOn! Sports, the expert on high school communities working to honor and celebrate the commitment and achievements of high school students, parents, coaches, and teachers.
  • LeaseQuery: an innovative, FinTech SaaS company focused on meeting the complex needs of the modern controller with the next generation of cloud-based accounting technology solutions.
  • MetaCX, the world’s first Business Value Network (BVN), which creates a tight linkage between vendors, customers, partners, and peers by introducing a new relationship protocol centered on the creation of value.
  • Lumu, a cyber-security company that illuminates threats, attacks, and adversaries affecting enterprises worldwide.

Whether you’re ready to make your next career move or have an extensive network of top performers who may find this valuable, we hope the accessibility and access to openings is helpful.

36 companies, 523 jobs. Make your move today!