Balancing Mental Toughness and Mental Flexibility

Founding a startup can be one of the most challenging endeavors a person can undertake. It requires not only the ability to come up with a winning idea but also the grit, resilience, determination, and perseverance to make it a reality. Being mentally tough is essential for success in entrepreneurship, but it’s equally important to…

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Track, Jockey, or Horse?

The question of what drives startup success is a long-standing and ongoing debate in the venture capital industry. While many factors can influence the outcome of a new company, it’s generally agreed that three elements are particularly important:    The market (the “track”)   The idea or business model (the “jockey”)   The leadership or…

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Quiet Your Ego and Listen to the Market

quiet your ego and adapt to the market mark buffington panoramic ventures

As a founder, it’s easy to get caught up in your own ideas and vision for your company. After all, you’ve poured countless hours and resources into building, launching, and scaling something you believe in.   Ultimately, your success relies on how well you satisfy your customers. It’s crucial to listen to feedback from the…

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Managing a Startup in Lean Economic Times: To Expand or Not to Expand

managing a startup in lean times mark buffington

Managing a startup during lean economic times can be a daunting task. There’s less funding available, which makes it harder to sustain and invest in operations, products, services, people, and growth. And as the pie gets smaller, the competition for resources becomes fiercer. Startups have to work harder to differentiate and connect with audiences.   Nonetheless,…

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