Panoramic Ventures Welcomes Christy Johnson as General Partner and Chief Performance Officer

Panoramic Ventures News Announcement Christy Johnson Chief Performance Officer

Christy Johnson brings experience with VC and startup leadership to support the firm’s portfolio companies. We are so pleased to welcome Christy Johnson as General Partner and Chief Performance Officer (CPO). She will lead the Performance Engineering practice at Panoramic Ventures, a differentiated offering among VC firms that deepens what it means to be invested…

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Startup Showdown Winner Barcode Inspires Performance

Startup Showdown Winner Barcode in Los Angeles

It’s the new year, and most of us are assessing the quality of our fitness and nutrition. So in the spirit of timeliness, consider this: would you eat a candy bar while working out? We’re guessing no. And yet, most of us don’t think twice about downing a traditional sports beverage, which can have as…

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Best of 2022: Incredible Advice from Startup Showdown Mentors

best of 2022 startup mentor advice blog

In this Best of 2022 article, you’ll discover gems of wisdom from people who are at the absolute pinnacle of their craft and industry and who are generous partners to us at Panoramic Ventures. It’s the turn of the year, which means you’ve likely gotten an (over) abundance of retrospectives. Our version of the best-of is less…

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